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Testosterone Transdermal Gel


Transdermal anabolic gel (TAG) such at the Androderm patch testosterone transdermal system, is the newest technology available in modern pharmacology and anabolic steroid delivery systems. TAG delivers the steroid conveniently, efficiently, painlessly and without any taxing or adverse effects on the liver. TAG has the great advantage of delivering the hormone directly into the bloodstream where it is carried throughout your body. With convenient daily applications TAG also enables patients to safely maintain a consistent optimum high level of the hormone, which is vastly superior to fluctuating levels caused by a series of injections.

TAG benefits include: No "First Pass Effect": Oral administrations of hormones are largely rendered inactive by passing through the stomach, intestines and liver. This is commonly referred to as the first pass effect. Oral administration, although easy and convenient, is an extremely poor delivery system for administration of steroids. In addition to being largely ineffective, excessive dosages and long-term use causes liver toxicity and other serious side effect. Improved Steroid Efficiency: is realized by maintaining constant blood serum levels and reducing "peaks and valleys" caused by injections. Injected steroids are only periodically administered and are quickly absorbed resulting in wide-ranging blood serum levels. Daily applications of steroids help maintain constant hormone levels maximizing the effectiveness of the therapy. Minimizes Potential Adverse Reaction: Maintaining constant blood serum levels increases the effectiveness and reduces the risk of side effects, A Safer, More Effective, Non-intrusive, Non-toxic Administration System: Injected steroids are the most effective way to administer large doses. However, injections have some drawbacks. Delivery is non-uniform, inconvenient, sometimes painful, and not conducive to daily application. As well there are associated sterility risks. Oral administration is subject to adverse reactions caused by the first pass effect. Improved Compliance: because TAG is easy to use, conveniently and painlessly administered without sterility concerns patient compliance will be improved, Easy Dose Adjustment: TAG comes with a specially designed cap that will measure 1/3 gram providing an accurate and simple way to control and vary dose amounts, Proven Reliable Deliver System: Transdermal gels have been used successfully in Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for years providing convenient and effective delivery of hormones to patients worldwide. Transdermal gels are the most recommended delivery system of HRT specialists precisely because of the ease of use, convenience, safety, dose flexibility, uniform delivery and their ability to effectively deliver the hormone, BConcentrated Formulas: minimize the amount of gel to be applied, Absorption: TAG absorption rates are generally 18% to 20% of the dose applied. Absorption rates vary based on an individual's physiology, permeability of the patient's skin, application site, age and skin condition (damaged, scared or tattooed skin tend to affect absorption). To increase the absorption TAG should be applied to thin skin areas that are low in fat and experience continual movement like the back of the knee, inner leg, forearms, neck or shoulders. Discrete packaging: TAG is packaged in a small, attractive, unbreakable plastic tube for safe, easy and discrete handling. Broad market appeal: a large percentage of hormone users have foregone the enormous health benefits of anabolic steroids mostly due to a natural aversion to injections and an unwillingness to risk the harmful "first pass effect" associated with oral steroids. TAG has changed the landscape for anabolic steroids. TAG is a hydro alcoholic gel containing a combination of proprietary permeation enhancers. TAG is a viscous gel that is scented for cosmetic appeal. TAG contains a hormone or combination of hormones that are administered to patients via absorption of the hormone through the patient's skin. After application, TAG dries with no film or sticky residue. There are no sterility concerns, no harmful first-pass effect and no needles.

The transdermal gels are applied to those parts of your body where the skin is thin and the gel can be easily absorbed -e.g., inner wrists, inner arms, inner thighs, shoulders, chest, and neck, all the places where capillaries are abundant and close to the surface.

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