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Stretching to Gain Muscle

Stretching Muscle Gain

Stretch for Size

John Parillo has long contended that stretching acts to enhance muscle growth. Those who ignore stretching (and there are many) miss out on potential gains.


When should you stretch? Arnold stretched his lats out during his back workouts. Between sets of chin ups he would grasp the pillar of the power rack and stretch his lats. He also flexed his lats in the mirror. So stretching during the workout may work well for you to enhance your training. However, consider the type of stretching you perform as well.


There are basically two types of stretching - dynamic and static. Research shows that the time you stretch matters. Performing static stretching anytime near a workout can short-circuit some of your gains. So the stretching you perform should be dynamic stretching during and around a workout routine (also before working out as well as during the workout) and it should be static stretching when you are away and apart from the training. That is, do your static stretching on non-workout days, or at least far enough apart from the workout to avoid harming your workout gains.

Stretching is one way to really pump up the muscles and get them going longer and stronger. Add dynamic stretching to your routines and static stretching apart from your training.

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