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Sprinting Workouts Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding Sprinting

The Sprinting Edge

Looking to add an edge to both your training and your physique? Stuck on a plateau and need something to ignite your gains? Look outside the gym for the answer. Consider sprinting as a training tool.

Another Type of Resistance Training

Sprinting is a resistance exercise and one of the best. It is also tough - moving the body at all out speeds can really be painful. But it is worth the effort because sprinting supplies super gains. Consider the top sprinters - they are lean, muscular and very fast. Their workout includes weightlifting for sure, but also includes sprints - lots of sprints.

You can get great gains in muscularity from sprinting as well, and it will help you lean out. Have you ever seen a fat sprinter? You see fat joggers, but you don't see any fat sprinters. So add this powerful tool to your training routine.

Warm up is Key

Get in a good warm up (some dynamic movement and half speed sprinting) prior to the hard core stuff. Start off with a sprint of 70 meters at half speed, rest 90 seconds, then do it again at 65 percent effort. From there work up to a few sprints in the 90 percent maximum effort range. Only very occasionally go all out at 100 percent effort due to the high demands on the body. Walk around between sprints and keep your legs loose.

Adding sprinting to your routine will take it up a notch and give you some great new gains.

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