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Mental Side Effects of Steroids
Is there any physical evidence that steroid use affects the mind?

      Anabolic steroids have been used experimentally to treat
 depression.(1)  They cause changes in electroencephalogram
 (EEG) readings similar to those of amphetamine and tricyclic
 antidepressants.(1)  Researchers do not agree on whether the
 amount of testosterone in the blood affects opioid receptors in the
 brain.(2)  However, higher serum testosterone levels have
 been linked to aggression in both animals and humans.(1,3)


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Disclaimer: Steroid use is illegal in a vast number of countries around the world. This is not without reason. Steroids should only be used when prescribed by your doctor and under close supervision. Steroid use is not to be taken lightly and we do not in any way endorse or approve of illegal drug use. The information is provided on the same basis as all the other information on this site, as informational/entertainment value.

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