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What effects do anabolic steroids have on men?

      High doses of anabolic steroids can lead to temporary
 sterility, testicular atrophy, and the development of female sex
 characteristics in the normal male.(1-4) 
 One case of prostate cancer has been associated with steroid abuse
 in an athlete.(5,6)  The severity of these effects
 depends on how much of the steroid has been taken and how long the
 steroid user has been taking the drug.(1)

      In the normal male, the testes secrete testosterone and make
 sperm.  The pituitary gland in the brain monitors the amount of
 testosterone in the male's bloodstream.  If the level is too low,
 it secretes the hormones FSH ("Follicle Stimulating Hormone") and
 LH ("Luteinizing Hormone") to cause the testes to secrete more
 testosterone.  If there is too much testosterone, the pituitary
 cuts back on FSH and LH, and the testosterone level drops.  In this
 way, the body controls the amount of testosterone needed to produce
 sperm and to maintain male sexual characteristics.  

      When a male takes steroids, the pituitary gland detects the
 sudden high quantity of anabolic steroids and sends chemical
 signals to shut down testosterone production in the testes.  The
 longer a person takes anabolic steroids, the longer the testes
 remain inactive.  The sperm cells begin to have abnormal shapes,
 and are fewer in number.(1)  If anabolic abuse continues
 long enough, the male becomes infertile.(1,2)  The
 testes of male athletes who have been stacking and cycling steroids
 for years decrease in size.(3)  If the adult male stops
 taking anabolic steroids, testicular function will probably return
 to normal.(2,7)  However, it may take four months to a
 year or more for him to regain normal sperm cell shape and

      In two cases, long term use of anabolic steroids may have led
 to lasting sterility and loss of libido with impotence due to a
 permanent effect on the pituitary.(4)  However, more studies
 need to be done to determine whether steroids caused the pituitary
 damage or whether each of these men had pre-existing pituitary

      When there are large amounts of anabolic steroids in the body,
 part of them are metabolized to form conjugated estradiol and
 estrone, female hormones.(1,8-11)  In some anabolics abusers,
 this results in breast growth, known medically as "gynecomastia."
 (7,11)  Breast growth is an irreversible side effect of anabolic 
 steroid abuse and may accumulate from one cycle of use to the next.(12)  

      The use of alcohol while taking anabolics increases the
 likelihood of breast growth.(11)  The body changes a portion
 of the anabolics to conjugated estradiol and estrone, female sex
 hormones, by a chemical process called "aromatisation."(6) 
 Ordinarily, the liver quickly deactivates most of these female
 hormones before they can have effects on the body.  Alcohol
 prevents the liver from deactivating them, allowing them to promote
 breast growth.  Bodybuilders are more likely to drink alcohol to
 excess than others of their age.(13)  

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