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Positive and Negative Reps

When ever there is a Negative there has to be a Positive.

Today because of Machines and High Tech development of our society all we see today is the Positive movement, Push that, click this, and in this we have only developed the positive movement of touching clicking and the Muscle has developed where the only use is the Positive ( pushing motion of the muscle.

We no longer use the negative where the muscle fiber travels backwards. In this I mean that like in Training all the force is put into the forward motion, e.g. pushing in Bench Press. Pulling in a Chin-up, curling of a Dumbbell.

This only develops half the Muscle Fibers because you are only making the Fiber work in one direction.

If you watch young Bodybuilders in the gym you will see that they put all the force into the contraction of the Muscle upwards or inwards, but you will find that in most cases they just allow the weight in the Negative (Return Movement) to just drop and then they do the Positive movement again. 

What should be happening to get the full benefit of the grow of the Fibers is that the Negative movement should have the same force applied as the Positive.

This means that you put the same force in the Downward movement as you put into the Upward Movement,

This means that you apply the same contraction into the Muscle in both Positive and Negative.

In all your planning in training you must develop the important skills of bringing in the Negative Force as you do the Positive Force and in this you will double the growth rat of your Muscle Fibers to increase size of the Muscle.

Just sit for a while in any gym and watch the people training and you will see what I mean as 99% will grunt and groan to lift the weights and then just drop them down and then grunt and groan to get up the next rep.

Instead of Lowing the weight and working with total Force of Positive and Negative movements you will see them everywhere wasting months and years of training where if the had understood the Positive and Negative of the Muscle Fibers they would have obtain the same results months and even years faster.

You wonder why you see people in the gym that never change and look the same year after year, This is because they just walk into the gym and heave weights around the same way month after month year after year.

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