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SARMs Ostarine

I never paid attention to when select androgen receptor modulators or SARMS hit the market and/or infiltrated the supplement industry, but they are here, and many people are using them. Keep in mind that SARMS, like Ostarine, RAD-140, and Ligandrol, are not dietary supplements, they are drugs. However supplement companies sell them to look like they are supplements. As a matter of fact, most of them are sold by supplement companies. I know of two very well know supplement companies that were selling SARMS as dietary supplements. It was not until the FDA decided that they might go after these supplement companies from selling SARMS such as Ostarine, that these supplement companies backed off. One supplement company that is still continuing to sell SARMS as dietary supplements is still operating. The owner of this supplement company, who I will not name, is opening making Youtube videos of himself using Ostarine. The problem with this is a few things.

Some people have never used supplement before. They want to gain some muscle so they watch a video by this person on Youtube. They say , WOW look at this guy with the muscles, I wonder what supplements he is using. Then they watch this person recommend his SARM Ostarine. He never mentions that it is a drug and could not be safe for this person to use. The person then simply goes to this companies website and purchases a SARM like Ostarine, RAD-140, or Ligandrol. However, the problem is that the person plays for a NCAA football team and he gets tested for banned substances. Next thing you know this football player is losing his scholarship because he took a SARM, which is a banned substance and he didn't know it, he thought is was a regular supplement.

In conclusion, SARMS such as Ostarine and drugs, they are not supplements. Do not let these so-called supplement companies and distributors fool you into thinking they are made by GMP, FDA inspected supplement manufacturers. SARMS are made by underground labs or overseas. If you want to use SARMS, purchase them from overseas companies. One of the best is Anabolic-brew.

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