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Muscle Soreness and Building Muscle

Muscle Soreness Bodybuilding


Beginners taking up bodybuilding ARE gonna hurt sure, but even when you are a monster mass of bulgin’ exploding muscle from every angle, you are STILL going to hurt, but this time through torturing your muscle for it to grow. But at this very early stage of your bodybuilding learning curve – and you MUST NEVER STOP LEARNING WHEN IT COMES TO MUSCLE GROWTH - if you wanna be big, you must control it by trainin’ gradually, and coaxing your muscles to take more over a period of time. DO NOT RUSH. At a later stage SHOCKING & TRICKING YOUR MUSCLE IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT At this stage however, your ability to take workout pain will probably be fairly low. Don’t worry, your pain-level zones will also soon adjust and increase over time, so you can then take more pain without it stopping you from training. Take note:


YOU MUST NOT, REPEAT, MUST NOT SHOCK your system otherwise growth will come to a halt. Increase very slowly and if at any time, you find resulting pain from the training is too uncomfortable, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS take extra days off from working out, and only start again, when the pain has gone away. Then, always start with warm-up sets and ‘find the right trainin’ groove.’ This is VITAL. Training in the perfect style at this stage is CRITICAL. You are formulating within your brain, an exercise pattern that will stand you in good stead for the future. SURE, When you’re more ADVANCED, you MUST KILL & TORTURE, but if you try and do this at the early stage, you will hold back your progress considerably.


Whenever you change your workout methods or leverage stance or way of training, even slightly, you pressure your muscle with overload through basic MUSCLE CONFUSION. and the one thing you can bet on for sure, if you’re doin’ everythin’ properly, is that you’re gonna hurt afterwards man, in other words stud, you’re going be sufferin’ pain.


One of the most basic and unbelievably overlooked forms of variety is simple progression through reps and weight. If in January, you could curl 80 pounds in perfect style for say, seven reps, your forearm flexors (basically biceps) are going to be bigger in March if you’re curling 90 pounds for 10 reps without momentum and using muscle force alone. 


If two sets are performed for a particular muscle group in this way, then a further way to provide variety using progression is a systematic shortening of the rest-period between them. When you diminish that time from two minutes to around 30 seconds, you’ll understand progression. It will ‘flash’ before your eyes.

But we’re no way finished. Despite the scorn that the three day per week schedule has suffered, it remains probably one of the most scientific ways (if there is such a thing in bodybuilding?) to train. Don’t forget that YOU CANNOT & WILL NOT GROW in your training. In fact, just the opposite happens; you LOSE MUSCLE. THE ONLY time you can grow is when you’re resting. And really, the ONLY TIME YOU CAN MAX GROW is when you’re TOTALLY RESTING. OK your target muscle can recover incredibly quickly. But you have just deliberately tortured your body (or part of it, your target muscle) to as near to death as dammit! So how do you think your physiological system feels – TOTALLY friggin’ KNACKERED is the answer! Your nervous system is so nervous that it is traumatized and as for your Central and Peripheral Nervous System, well, it’s intensive care . This means that it should be treated and pampered as a sick patient, if it is allowed to recuperate fully, your NEXT workout, no matter what bodypart will be 100% productive; that means POTENTIALLY 100 percent GROWTH!.

If however, it is made to work against it’s better judgement, because you force that ill patient to get up before complete recovery as taken place. OK, it will respond but only half-heartedly. As your MUSCLE IS FUNDAMETALLY NERVE DRIVEN, you are NOT going to get anywhere near the growth you should have obtained. Moreover, little by little, the reserves are being worn away and undermined, and when that happens, the same result as with the sea undermining cliffs takes place – there is an eventual collapse. When that occurs, you will not only slow down your growth or stop growing, but you will inevitably regress, and regression in this case is LOSS OF MUSCLE.

When that sticking point or training plateau occurs, it is far too late. You have to be sufficiently muscle smart to prevent it from happening in the first place. Because not only do you lose muscle but your whole physiological and muscle motor system goes into a sort of ‘semi-freeze.’ It is incapable of driving in top gear, and you are slowly heading towards BIG problems. The only answer then, is to take a layoff of some weeks until your reserves have recharged themselves. Don’t think you can force it either. Nature is a damn sight smarter than you think and here BALANCE comes into it as always. It will take more than just ‘it’s pound of flesh’ and the more you try to fight it, the greater amount of flesh it will demand as penance.

TRY the every-other-day training routine and you will be amazed at the benefits that will accrue. GIVE AS MUCH INTENSITY & THOUGHT TO YOUR RECUPERATION & GROWING MUSCLE TISSUE as you do to your WORKOUTS & BREAKING DOWN MUSCLETISSUE, and you may be truly amazed at the results, for NEVER FORGET THAT ALL IMPORTANT BALANCETHAT IS DEMANDED: -

Pain IS bodybuilding - Bodybuilding IS pain. Muscle will NOT grow willingly.
You have to FORCE it cleverly. Now make quite sure and be absolutely clear that we’re talking POSITIVE GROWTH PAIN here, for that’s a sure sign that you’ve attacked your muscle in such a way that you’ve temporarily broken down the tissue structure and it has nothing else to do BUT GROW BIGGER to ensure it won’t happen again. BUT YOU’RE A BODYBUILDING SHOWMUSCLE STUD WITH SLAB-PAK GOALS and YOU know different! You’re gonna beat it at it’s own game. Coz you have every intention of working it the next training session EVEN HARDER so it will break down again, and then, BUILD-UP EVEN BIGGER! MORE PAIN STUD!

But that’s what YOU want, that’s why YOU’RE a bodybuilder AND that’s why you’re gonna be pure awesome, hard muscle-animal before too much longer. *NEGATIVE PAIN BEWARE! (pain from anything else than that great, new growth feeling of deep-pulsing, pumped, exhausted, tingling torture-worked muscle fiber) IS WRONG.

In this case, you must NOT continue training til you know what’s wrong and that it is recovering -ALWAYS seek medical, or expert advice in case of negative injury! If you don’t, your stud name will be rightly THICK-DUDD! What you perhaps can do, is work different areas of your bod well away from the point of injury or, extra aerobic work, low intensity cardio-respiratory stuff, BUT only, ONLY if your doctor or real expert says it’s okay!


You steel-hard stud, when muscle-animals like you get really POSITIVE sore from that balls-out, torture workout, you’re weaker and have a greater tendency towards injury. KEEP THIS IN MIND, Once YOUR bod has sufficiently recuperated from the workout (it’s different with everybody, so only YOU really know!). Okay, train with the pain, or through the pain (you’re probably gonna anyways!) BUT be XTRA careful. REAL INJURY will keep you away from your workouts and that means real, long-term Muscle-mass LOSS - SMALLER man!

Aaaaaagggggghhhhhh! Warm-up sets and musclesmart stretching can help prevent this.

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