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Muscle Confusion Chest Workout

All the experts seem to agree that a person can get the fastest result in muscle gain by using the muscle confusion technique. This technique trains a single body-part at a time using multiple movements to attack the muscle group you are training on as many different angels as possible.

There are countless movements for each body-part so we certainly cannot list all of them, we will then rather select just one body-part like chest to illustrate how this training routine is set up. The sets and reps that you use should be to achieve pre-exhaustion by training with a relatively light weight before going heavy with less reps.

If we start with the flat bench-press for chest we would first do 15 reps then slowly go down in reps as we get heavier. Doing a set of 12 reps and then 10 reps followed by the last two sets using the heaviest weight you can and always concentrating on form for 8 reps and then 6 reps.

The second movement could be a number of different movements and it is always good to mix up dumbbell and barbell movements when the objective is muscle confusion. Using a movement like a D/B press or a D/B fly for the second movement where you would do the 4 sets with 8 reps.

The third movement would be something with a machine like pec deck where you would again be doing 4 sets of diminishing reps while increasing the weight. One could then finish off the chest workout with something like cable crossovers or even bench-press on a Smith machine.

An important aspect of muscle confusion is to mix up your sets and reps as well as your movements. The objective is to always stop your muscles from adapting to the same sets and reps along with the same movement. If your objective is to gain muscle fast then any added stress that is put on the muscles will lead to greater gains.

Other ways that you can mix it up is to add drop sets to your workout or giant sets and supersets. There are also many different advantages that can be achieved by simply adjusting your grip. Training like this on a long-term basis will avoid falling into a training plateau.

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