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Mick Hart Bodybuilding
Steroid Drug Guide Review

Mick Hart is a fully qualified BAWLA Olympic grade A Coaching Instructor who has been in professional bodybuilding now for about 25 years. He is the author ebooks on the subject of steroids "The Layman's Guides To Steroids I And II" and "The Chris Report" and He also publishes the monthly magazine "No Bull Collection".

Mick Hart's Layman steroid drug Guide details how he took trained his 20 something year old Chris for 11 months, including giving him advice on how to use anabolic steroids.

Looking at the before and after pictures, Chris made a very good transformation but, I don't feel this is anything that can't be done without the use of steroids. I have seen much better drug free changes made is shorter time with only hard training, good diet and legal supplements. Most books like this have excellent training and diet info and if you follow that without drugs you can make great gains.

Books such at these are supposed to show the safe use of anabolic steroids, yet most of steroid experts (like Dan Duchaine, Paul Borresen, Trevor Smith, etc.) all died before the age of 50!

I am sure that Mick Hart knows his stuff on diet and training. But I would not recommend taking his or anyone else's advise on using steroids.

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