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Back Developing Your Lats


  • For studs into showin’ wings as though they can Vee(rly) fly, the lat pulldown machine is excellent. The variations that can be performed are many but one of the good ones is: 
  • Pull the bar to the front of your bod and down to the upper chest
  • Start off by using wrist grips, this means that when your wrists weaken your lats will still be made to work to the max.
  • Use a weight that allows you to touch that upper-to-mid-pec region.
  • If you can just only get it to the neck, you’re working too heavy!
  • Keep repping until full, perfect reps are impossible, then without stopping, squeeze out 2 or 3 partial-reps to your chin or thereabouts.
  • Now force those wings OUT even more, so they feel as though they’re about to depart your bod and rep away even if its just inches of movement. NOW when that is totally impossible too, allow the bar up and try to stretch those lats out of their fixing, hang like that for several seconds and you should feel a deep and intense Vee burn.
  • Mentally make those lat fibers ‘twitch’ work even if you barely move the bar.
  • FINALLY, when you’re totally fried using the weight even like this, just free mind-muscle-will those lats to grow bigger by force-squeezing them back and down and hold (you can also do this tensing bit at any odd moments of the day!)
  • Squeeze em out and down until the pain is more than you can take. If you’re stale and feel lat-luster, get ‘em good and pumped, and well-fried into new throbbin’ life with this!


Arnie had a trick to add stretch to his pullovers: try this if you wanna build up the rib cage and add new growth to those intercostals! 

  • Kneel with your feet as far under the bench as you can but still allowing your back to rest on the top of the bench (in other words, over your lower legs) Now do your pullovers.
  • As you progress you will be able to push those feet more and more under the bench adding to the stretch.

When you can do them with your glutes glued to the bench you will really build up that rib cage ready for packin’ on inch-deep slabs of thick, steel muscle armour on those pecs. So you’ll be showin’ power poppin’ pecs that are deep, thick and full.


These dumbell lateral raises but with a twist are freaky, but they really work for blasting the lateral head and adding on delt width.

  • Take a revolving-collar dumbell and add 2 1/2lbs on one side ONLY.
  • Make sure that the heavier side is forward causing the dumbell to slant forward at the front.
  • Placing all the stress on the lateral head this will force those delts to grow sideways.
  • Massive lateral delt development will be the result if you gradually build up the poundage always keeping the front side the heavier.


PART-TIME ONLY but wanna add on mass fast stud?

Only for a change and say for two weeks
GET INTO THIS CRYIN’ HALF-REP WORK! You can do it for virtually any exercise but only temporarily please!

  • Let’s take the bench press as an example. Add ten pounds to your normal weight.
  • Don’t lock out the rep BUT
  • Instead go only halfway up and then, squeeze the muscle to death!
  • Now do another half-rep and again, squeeze-to-kill.

but if you overdo this, you will lose muscle rather than gain it - so be warned!
Leave this style training for say two months before repeating but then add on fifteen pounds more than you would normally rep.

  • Continue for no more than two-weeks at a time for GROWTH XTREME!


Using this method you’re gonna be adding weight on each and every set. Yep yer heard that right!

  • Never again will you use a previous poundage and that beef will always be subjected to more, more and yet more punishment!
  • This is gonna motivate YOU and make you both psyche-HOT and slab-pack on muscle if you keep it goin!’ So how do you do it? Simple Stud!
  • Visit yer local hardware store and buy washers.
  • Make sure they fit over yer bar first so measure its diameter carefully.
  • Then select the heaviest pair of washers going, that you can find and also, the next two heaviest.
  • Buy several of the heaviest type and at least a couple of pairs of the lower weighted sizes.
  • Now when you’re told to add on poundage-weight but the 2 plate, or the lightest plate available, is still too heavy. Just slip on the heaviest washers so it’s just possible to get your full reps and the next set perhaps just slip on the lighter washers if necessary.

You’re advancing that’s all that matters! At least you are pushin’ that poundage up all the time AND remember, those washers will soon be replaced by the 2 plate then the 5 then the 10 and ……. Then you WILL be non-stop growing man!

So get turnin’ into a washer-muscle-stud and that tiny extra washer you’re pumpin’ will soon be an awesome beef-producin’ 50 pound plate!


Okay! The upper pecs may be a small area but for a showmuscle stud they’re vital. So punish then for bein’ lazy and not fillin’ out that ugly hollow that makes your lower pecs look saggy and droopy, and instead go for thick, full-flaring pecs that tie-in with the delts. This is what you do!

  • After you’ve done your heavy bench presses and inclines, take someweight of the bar and do xtra high-rep sets of Smith Incline Presses.
  • I’m talking 40+ reps ( but continue until your upper pecs are hurtin bad and lookin’ red and raw through being suffused with blood). You have gotta force a major blood flow into that tissue that will prod that upper-pec into full productivity.
  • You must use good form and muscle-up rather than cheat-up.
    Keep those elbows pushed back in line with your shoulders and these delts should be pressed down towards your waist.
  • You must not arch your back - this will only further stimulate those better developed lower pecs - Press up decisively to within one inch of lockout and then lower real slowly.
  • Force that mind-muscle link to make those upper pecs only fight to the death.


Here’s a little stinger for those tri’s. You need only to use a light dumbell after you’ve given them a hard workout as normal. Stand and grip your dumbells at arms length at the sides, similar to starting position of dumbell lateral delt raises.

  • Now pull the arms backwards as far as they’ll go without being too uncomfortable! Hold it there! And just wrist roll for several sets to total failure.
  • You won’t think anything is happening apart from a magic pump, that is, until your triceps warn you that they’re about to fall off! But that’s later on when you’ve forgotten the workout. The totally different angle of stimulation places a force on them that makes ‘em wanna grow!


To create that wide pec flare that makes you look the total biz, the best outer -pec exercise by far is the Gironda or wide-grip dip.

Vince Gironda one of the greatest bodybuilding gurus ever! Made - and I do mean MADE! (When Gironda told you to do something, you did it, and without even wasting time to breathe!) ALL his pupils (that’s what he called ‘em and he meant it cuz he was the Master!) had to do these.

IF you didn’t do em just the way he demanded to really please him, he found something 100 times more evil for you to do - Man you just did ‘em so right, in fact you offered up a silent prayer that he would be pleased! Cuz if he wasn’t, he sure showed it and the other side of California also heard the mountains shake in trepidation. Each and every one of ‘em had to be perfect, even though hell would have been paradise in comparison! And this is easy stuff; try doing ‘em as supersets between each other chest exercise when you’re so raw and sore that even moving your arm is sheer agony. Here’s how! -

Hand grip with palms facing each other

Elbows real wide so that when you even start, your pecs are so stretched they feel as though they’re gonna split away from the sternum before you even start!

Dip as low as possible - and if as with Vince, you could do half-an-inch more and didn’t, God help you!

Now you come up but only ¾ to keep constant tension on those outer hollerin’ pecs (rest or respite wasn’t even in Vince’s dictionary).

You will shortly find a strange sensation of YOUR sore pecs not belonging to you or at least, you wished they didn’t!

· You also MUST push those pecs full out so they mentally touch that far wall! (“If you call that pushin Mister?’ Better get your sis to take over, she can’t do worse. Now lets hear that sternum pop – Can’t hear- DO IT!”)
Well, what are you waiting for stud? I said start pecpumpin!’

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