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What Happened To Jeff Summers?


Q. I heard about a steroid expert named Jeff Summers but can't find much information about him, what's the deal with this guy?

A. Jeff Summers was based in Aurora, CO. He was the author of Steroids 101 and published Anabolic Insider Magazine and Hardcore Muscle Magazine. Jeff Summers also ran Impact Nutrition which sold legal steroid alternatives.

Impact Nutrition supplements included many products and stacks, such as: Contest Cut, DermaLEAN, Killer MRP, Freak Of Nature, Dynadrol, Kyno-H, Dynabolan, Equi-Bolan, Maxteron, DermaGAIN, GenEdge and NitroPhen.

A few years ago all of Jeff Summers web sites such as,,,,,,, etc. suddenly went down and didn't come back. I called his 800 phone number to contact him but it said it was disconnected. So I have to assume they are now out of business.

I don't know what happened to Jeff Summers, but I do hope he is alive and well, maybe he's just retired sipping pina coladas on a tropical beach somewhere. If anyone out there knows about info on him, let us know.

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