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HIIT Workout for Bodybuilding

Hit your conditioning with this station marvel

Its called HIIT - meaning High Intensity Interval Training - and it's the best thing going for burning fat and building on a solid cardio foundation.

The question is, which HIIT program do I go with? Well, like everything else in the world of fitness training and muscle development, the key isn't the program alone. The key is working the program. So, here's one HIT method I've used successfully for myself and both young and middle aged individuals.


You'll need to use a gym for this one, although I've set up this program in the basements of people's homes, and outdoors near a building. This is also a timed program, with an individual going 20 seconds per station, twice per station. You can set up anywhere from 6 to 15 stations, depending upon the number of people being trained. (You'll need a timer just to keep you both going and honest.)

1. Ball to the Wall. Set up a mat about a foot and a half from a brick wall. Use a 15-20 pound medicine ball slightly smaller than a basketball. The ball should have virtually no bounce. Once in kneeling position facing the wall, the
participant raises the ball over his/her head, and fires it downward into the wall. Just as quickly as you hit the wall, you retrieve the ball and repeat over and over until the timer calls STOP. (Great for the abs and triceps.)

2. RUNNING WEIGHTS. With two 6 or 8 pound dumbbells, stand in place but begin pumping your arms in a running motion. Make sure your arms are bent at the elbow and that when you pull backwards your elbows stay in the bent position. You should look like you are actually running once you begin the pumping process. Go ‘til the timer calls STOP. (This will strengthen your rotator cuff.)

3. STEPPER. Have a solid wood box placed up against the wall (It won't hurt to have an extended mat tucked underneath the box). When the timer calls BEGIN, start your stepping motion -- right leg first, come down, then left leg, and come down. In other words, you're stepping one leg at a time and alternating your motion. Advanced persons can jump up to the top of the box with both legs then drop down the same way. Go until the timer calls STOP. (Want cardio? This is it big time. Also, you're working your legs, abs, glutes and back.)

4. LEAPER. I hate this one, but I love what it does for me. With an 8 to 10 pound medicine/weight ball, get into a basketball position (crouched position). Head up, shoulders back, legs bent ready to spring. Begin going left, springing from both feet and raising the ball in the same direction. Land. Now go to the right in the same leaping motion. Go ‘til the timer calls STOP. You should be sweating by the end of this one. (Great for legs, glutes, abs, shoulders, arms.)

5. STANDARD CRUNCHES. On a prepared mat, you now go exclusively to the abs, performing the standard crunch. Simple. Do this until the timer calls STOP. (What can I say? It works the abs.)

6. JUMP ROPE. This one is super. Just when you think you've sweated enough, here comes the jump rope. I use a weighted (1-lb. rope). Just jump, baby. Go until the timer calls STOP. (Hey, it's cardio time, and so is the training you give your legs and everything else.)

7. LUNGE. We've all done lunges. This one is no different. Stand and when called to begin, start your lunging motion -- right leg first, then come back. Left leg next, then come back. You know the movement. Go ‘til the timer calls STOP. (Now, what do you suppose this works?)

8. TOE TOUCHES. Yep, it's another crunch exercise, this one designed for the mid and lower abs. You're down on the mat, When the timer calls BEGIN, have your legs straight up in the air. Leave them there. Now start reaching for your toes. Touch them and then come down. Again, again, again. You got the picture. Go ‘til the timer calls STOP. (Yep. it works the mid and lower abs.)

9. BURPY. Oh, man, we haven't done these for years. Believe me, they still work. From a standing position, drop down into a frog position. Kick your legs
out to the rear (which will put you in a push-up position). Do one push-up, then bring your legs back under you and spring up to a standing position. Do it again. Again, again. There you go! Go until the timer calls STOP. (Yes, this
works the cardio and abs and arms.)

10. LINEMAN's CHARGE. Heck, you say, people haven't done these for years. You're right. But then again, they work. Go into a crouched or frog position (hands and toes on the floor). When told to BEGIN, start shooting your feet/legs back (you'll look like you're going to do a pushup). That's a pump. Now, bring 'em in, out, in, out, in... hey, I didn't say this was going to be easy. (Want abs of steel? This will do it.)

Like I noted already, you can add as many stations as you wish. But, let me caution you. Be sure you have a complete physical and given an OK by your family physician before embarking on this or any other exercise activity. Once you get a resounding approval, you may go with this 2 to 3 times per week. Oh, yeah. You go 20 seconds at each station twice. You have a 20-second break between each exercise, including your movement from one station to another. As you get in better shape, you can increase the timing. The best I've seen is :45 seconds per station non-stop, going with 10 stations.

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