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Hardcore Leg Workout Routine

1. Two workouts a week, but it is the most painful experience I have ever had and I have not only had to be helped from the gym when my legs turned to boiling oil every time I've done it and I f******’ collapsed. But I've ended up crying and literall screaming in pain as well! I thought N was talking pure shit when he told me this is what would & MUST happen.

I'm also now working on other body groups in the same tortureway (but only after taking a week off training to recuperate after one month of such unbelievably evil meat-frying). Now working on chest. My pec mounds are now so pumped and exploding after this morning's training, it feels as if theyre hitting my chin, and as tho my tanktop is near ripping into shreds.

The results I got from one month were breath taking, particularly as I was in the gym real-time working out for such a short time. The dudes at school could not believe it was me

I certainly would not recommend trying this for a prolonged period of time though. But its proved great for getting through a real sticking point because my thighs have been little 27"ers for over a year and now they're growing again so fast my old jeans are in danger of ripping to shreds! My aim is for 29'ers at least.


First of all, I didn't cover up with loose gear as normal but instead, just wore a musclefitting string tank and skimpy shorts so I could see my beef working and getting white-hot fried, right deep into the target muscle with my mind-set. I then pre-rehearsed the MMSFSTS prayer and said it five times.

MIND- out
MUSCLE- only
SEE - deep
FEEL - pain

SQUEEZE - to tears

TENSION - fiber recruit

SHOWMUSCLE TARGET FOCUS - target end-result

I started with a warm up set of squats and worked my way up through three sets to my maximum poundage of 140k

What I then did was as you said. To go straight from the squat rack to the leg press, which only had 80k on it and did 50 reps as quickly as I possibly could without a break. As I say, I'd already done three working sets of squats by this time and my legs were just blowing up totally freaky.

2. I then went over without a break and did another set of ass-to floor squats with the same weight, followed immediately by 50 deep reps with 80k on the hack squat with legs real wide, another set of ass to floor squats and another 50 hacks but with feet together. I now had no choice but to take the squats weight down to 100k as my thighs were beginning to really scream at me. Then it was 50 leg extensions with 60k really squeezing and holding at the top, another set of squats and 50 lunge squats per leg on the smith machine. I was muscle blubbing by now and tears were streaming, the pain was so vicious. I then followed this by taking the weight on the squat bar down to 50k and squatting out to failure.

As I say, the pain was absolutely incredible. My face was turning puce and I was nearly passing out with each rep and on the point of puking every second. I focused and my thighs became so humongous they filled the whole gym, my pain was on a new, higher level of semi-conscious muscle planet, where only results count and temporary discomfort is immaterial. N had told me to have a bucket nearby. But I persevered with it on mondays and thursdays for one month and ended up with a whole new inch of swelling steel on my thighs.

I'll also say that while doing this as he suggested, all other bodyparts were restricted to blood-feeder, non-count slow pump reps speeding up to fast, ballistic drive reps to failure, with a lightish weight.

So thats my new training regime for sticking points ( which natch, N says I shouldn't have reached in the first place, anyway if I had followed his advice). If anyone wants to try it, be my guest, but believe me, it hurts more that you would ever believe is possible. Also keep a puke bucket real handy, man you'll need it!

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