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What to Eat to Gain Muscle

Lifting weights is only part of the equation for gaining muscle. The other parts are rest and nutrition. Resting is fairly easy, but getting the nutrition right can be a challenge for many. That's especially true in a junk food world. Eating smart can make all the difference between getting some muscle and coming up short

Protein plus more

Many guys know that protein is key to nutritional gains but make a huge mistake with their protein. They center much of their protein intake in protein drinks that have no fat. That's an error because protein won't work without fat as a digestion agent. Vince Gironda pointed out the folly of eating straight protein, stating that you always need to have some fat to go with that protein.

So there are your parameters for good growth in the muscles quality protein along with some healthy fat. You don't need to have a lot of fat but you do need to have some consistently with your protein.

There are a few food items that fit this category well. Milk does, if it is whole milk. Eggs and beef also meet the criteria. And fish is great because it comes with lots of protein and lots of super healthy fat.

Carbs Count Too

You don't want to stop at protein and fat. Although they make up the key muscle growth ingredients you also need some fuel for training those muscles. So in a round about way fuel is vital as well, and fuel comes from carbohydrates. The best long-term source is complex carbs as they stick with you longer. Food items such as oats and grains and sweet potatoes are good choices for proving fuel to train the muscles, and then you eat your steak and eggs to rebuild those muscles.

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