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Dan Duchaine Ultimate Diet for Lean Muscle Gain

Ultimate Dieting Handbook by Dan Duchaine

The well-known steroid guru Dan Duchaine released his ultimate diet for lean mass gains first in a book he called "The Ultimate Dieting Handbook", then later in "Underground Bodyopus: Militant Weight Loss & Re-composition" and also in his "Dirty Dieting Newsletter".

In these books Dan explains the reasoning for combining both the high-protein keto diet and high carbs. Keto diets like the Atkins or Banning diet all have the high protein low carb aspect.

Dan calls his diet the Body Opus Diet which effectively splits the difference between these two opposing ideas for achieving fat-loss. By doing keto for 5 days and the high carbs conveniently over the weekends. This weekend carb feast is not just a two day celebration for achieving high protein for 5 days. It's there to propel your body into the rebound effect.

It's when you're doing your two high-carb days over the weekend that your body gets very anabolic, especially important for those naturals bodybuilders. Sports science has proven that it's this 2 day carb-feast which gives you the glycogen super-compensation, causing cellular expansion, resulting in an anabolic burst which often rivals the same potency as steroids.

It needs to be mentioned here that this potent anabolic state won't be as strong for non-steroid users because drug-using lifters/bodybuilders will have an artificially heightened T (testosterone) level, which won't be decreased by any external factors like fatigue, over-training, etc. This means Monday through Friday you are eating 10% less calories than your correct caloric maintenance level.

30% of calories will come from protein, 70% will come from fat. Taking a bodybuilder that does not gain or lose any weight when eating 3,000 calories per day, as an example. The Bodyopus plan will recommend consuming 2,700 calories for weekdays.

With 831 calories coming from protein and 1,869 calories coming from fat. If we break this down, you then would eat:

208 grams of protein daily

208 grams of fat daily

Saturday and Sunday

During weekends you'll eat:

5-10% more than your caloric maintenance level

60% calories coming from carbs, 15% from fat, and 25% from protein

A bodybuilder who has caloric maintenance levels of around 3,000 calories would then eat 3,150 to 3,300 calories every day on the weekend. This would mean approximate values of, 484 calories coming from fat, and 806 calories from protein.

If we break this down, you would then eat:

202 grams protein

484 grams carbs

53 grams fat

In conclusion, dieting for fat-loss is never easy, but if you experiment with various options that follow the pattern described above, you'll find it a lot easier to stick to the routine and get good results. The Bodyopus eating plan has kick-started many very effective fat-loss programs for bodybuilders.

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