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Substance: Aminoglutethimide


Cytadren, the U.S. brand name for the drug aminoglutethimide, is a non-steroid, first brought to the attention of bodybuilders a few years ago by Dan Duchaine. Cytadren inhibits the production of androgens, estrogens and cortisone (and related) in the body. Medically, this drug is used to treat Cushing's syndrome, an condition in which the body overproduces cortisone. While androgens give your muscle cells a message to increase protein synthesis, cortisone gives the exact opposite message, to breakdown amino acids. Since Cytadren also inhibits androgen production, it is always used by athletes with some form of testosterone. Cytadren also inhibits estrogen production and androgen to estrogen conversion.

Like all drugs Cytadren is not without it's side effects and warnings, which are numerous. To be very succinct, these include, but are not limited to, the possibility of fatigue, dizziness, sleep disorder, apathy, depression, nausea/vomiting, stomach upset, thyroid dysfunction and liver disease. Athletes also report that the reduced cortisone often brings about more aches in your joints and an increased susceptibility to injury.

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