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Benefits of Creatine for Bodybuilding

Creatine Bodybuilding Benefits

As we all know, the science of building muscle continues to be studied by sports scientists. These guys study anything related to any sport and their countless studies done on Creatine have now proven it to be a very effective product that has many benefits for bodybuilding.

All bodybuilders and strength athletes know the importance of nutritional supplements when training hard. Sports scientists now openly admit that creatine will enhance recovery, increase both muscle size and strength, improve explosive ability and enhance brain function. The truth is that sports scientists already knew about creatine because it is a primary fuel source for ATP.

Without going into the specific details, creatine as a product has also been openly criticized as potentially harmful by a few authorities. However, sports scientists now tell us that it's a safe supplement but some creatine products available on the market are a lot more effective than others.

With well over 200 different and completely independent studies done on creatine in the last 12 years, the effectiveness of it cannot be denied. Creatines are stored in a high energy molecule form called Creatine phosphates which are stored within your cells.

This important creatine phosphate supplies all your type 11b muscle-fibers, which are your fast-twitch high-glycolytic muscle fibers. These are the muscles that get the largest in size with immediate energy, ensuring that these muscles don't prematurely fatigue.

This action then strengthens the muscular contraction in these fibers, helping the athlete to do more reps, or sprint faster. Creatine supplementation allows your muscles to store a lot more of these high-energy molecules, giving you more strength and more muscle.

Creatine is as a primary high-energy phosphate in all energy production, whenever your body starts to use energy, a molecule called adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP) that has a tail of 3 phosphate groups, is the fundamental energy donor. When training with high intensity, ATP releases a single high-energy phosphate to power the muscular contraction. When this phosphate is released, ATP will become ADP (Adenosine Di-Phosphate). For ADP to then regenerate into ATP again for further energy production, when completing additional reps creatine becomes an important key player.

Creatine is important for bodybuilders and strength athletes because it feeds the explosive type 11b muscle fibers mentioned above, this increases your power output and subsequently, your muscle size. Many studies done on how and why creatine enhances recovery have concluded that creatine is somehow able to reduce muscle cell damage plus inflammation following exhaustive high intensity exercise.

One of the many impressive creatine studies done to prove that creatine is able to improve anaerobic capacity was done by Ziegenfuss on elite athletes. He clearly demonstrated that when creatine loading is done over 3 days it was able to improve muscle volume significantly and dramatically improve cycle sprint performance.

Another interesting study done on creatine proved that it will radically enhance muscle "volumization" proving that it contains a property in it that is able to inflate your muscle cells making muscles appear fuller. Another creatine study proved that it will also enhance methylation.

As explained above, creatine's erogenic actions will assist energy production improving power output, resulting in an increase in strength and muscle size, and improved performance. But it has also been found that creatine gives a powerful anabolic boost by enhancing systemic methylation. This is the regulation of your own protein synthesis, gene expression, and your RNA metabolism, through a process called enzymatic catalyzation.

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