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Chrysin Supplement: 
Chrysin Effects


Chrysin is a flavone which is a naturally occurring chemical extracted from a botanical source that exerts powerful effects on the body.

The body has a tendency to convert excess testosterone into estrogen (aromatization) which can cause side effects to bodybuilders on heavy testosterone supplementation. Such estrogenic side effects include highly sensitive and enlarged nipples (gynecomastia) and skin rashes.

Chrysin can help block the body from converting testosterone into estrogen. Since most bodybuilders and many athletes are interested in elevating their testosterone levels with supplementation, Chrysin is an ideal supplement to take in conjunction with other testosterone boosters in order to prevent feminizing side effects.

Scientific studies in Europe show that Chrysin has the potential to increase testosterone concentrations in excess of 30% (and have the concentrations REMAIN as testosterone).

Chrysin is the main flavonoid that Dan Duchaine referred to as "Flavone X" in an article in Muscle Media magazine entitled "Flavone X: The next frontier in drug-free muscle building!" in which he begins with:

"The following information may be some of the most important writing I've ever done. It's applications will profoundly influence a man's body from puberty until death. By manipulating naturally occurring estrogen in the male metabolism, an individual will allow greater height gains during adolescence, raise testosterone production to 30% over normal, and postpone the d eclining testosterone secretion that occurs from middle age onward..."

He goes on to explain the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Gonadal Axis in detail and describes the dangers of aromatization in bodybuilders. Dan then states that Flavone X will inhibit aromatases and that most men will experience an increase of at least 20% over normal testosterone levels!  

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