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Bulgarian Training Methods

Big Beyond Belief Workout

Big Beyond Belief Workout Program

When the fitness boom started in the early 1980's a lot of research was started which resulted in the recognized experts developing the Optimum Training Systems (OTS). Their research led them to Bulgaria where researchers where attaching monitoring devices to volunteer athletes in training for 24 hours a day to monitor every detail involved with muscle growth.

The end result was the optimal development of a muscle building strategy that put any speculation aside and became a blueprint for success. The objective of the new OTS system was to remove any guesswork when it comes to growing muscle. It starts with the now well-proven fact that the important hormones like HGH and testosterone stop after 45 minutes of high intensity training.

The key to the OTS is the correct manipulation of both volume and intensity and the research that was done by the Bulgarians was very enlightening. The objective of OTS is to isolate hyperacceleration and hyperadaptation phases in your training so that you can reach the optimal training zone required for maximum growth.

If you are an aspiring bodybuilder then getting the "Big Beyond Belief Workout Program" which out-lines the Bulgarian workout method, you will see the poof that 45 minutes of high intensity training is the only way to guarantee success. Along with training up to six times a week this program needs some study to digest all the aspects of diet, periodization, micro-periodization and intensity correctly.

The OTS program contains valuable insights into rep speed and how to work out your correct volume and intensity level. For example training volume can be defined basically as the amount of total weight lifted, which is worked out by multiplying the weight lifted by the amount of sets and reps done.

The valuable insights on Bio-energetic fields when creating your ideal rest time between sets is something that every bodybuilder should know. The same for micro-periodization which will guide you to know exactly how and when to change your workout routine to avoid plateaus and overtraining.

If you are not aware of how to calculate your optimal training zone that you should train then it is highly recommended that you read this Book as it describes all the basics required to calculate what is the best workout for you at this time.

Any good bodybuilder will need to know how and why compound movements and isolation movements differ. By explaining NMA (Neuro-Muscular Activation) and how it is measured and how it will change with time is something that could make a huge difference to how you train.

From learning the difference between linear and variable resistance and how to use it to your advantage can only improve the results, the Book also includes a long list of recommended workouts offering great insight for any bodybuilder. If you want to remove the guesswork from gaining muscle then it is highly recommended that you study the Big Beyond Belief Workout Program.

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