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How to be a Good Spotter for Bodybuilding

Training Touch
Be one with your coach

As a pump-flog Coach givin’ 100% to the trainee bodybuilder AND DEMANDIN’ IT. A method used, to MAKE that stud GROW & GROW was to use our finger-touch on the muscle he’s training: running gently over the muscle area and then diggin’ fingers way into the hard workin’ fibers.

This steel-focuses the guy into the muscle and way, deep into the fiber - HE has NO OPTION BUT TO BECOME THAT MUSCLE.

As the trainee reps slow and under FULL CONTROL he is FORCED to feel the muscle fibers dying and others being recruited. HE IS IN TOTAL TOUCH WITH HIS BODY.  This itself powerfully reinforces his ability to GIVE MORE.

It puts HIM (and it will do exactly the same for YOU - directly at one with the muscle, as you LOVE IT & HATE IT. The coach demands more, He instructs his trainee (YOU?) to actually FLEX that muscle whilst reppin. To consciously make it STEEL-HARD - HARDER STUD! Subconsciously You FEEL your coach’s finger diggin into your muscle.He demands even more of you. Somehow that reserve within, that mostly lies dormant (asleep!) instantly activates into BIG TIME POWER. You and your Coach want and demand the same thing you are as one. The two of you - he by touching and you by executing - UNITE and you’re combined motivation pours ever more power into your muscle.

(Don't just stand there force my muscles to work)YOU WANT TO SHOW COACH THAT YOU CAN DO IT FOR YOU BOTH - AND YOU CAN!

IF you don’t have a coach to drive you, try and get your training partner to do this for you! Touch the muscle as you are training and continually will you to DO MORE, FIGHT GRAVITY, MORE, MORE and TO WIN.

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