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Muscle-numbing reps and lifting heavier and heavier weights day in and day out year in and year out is ingrained in our hearts and minds? Painful, burning reps that NEVER GET ANY EASIER and that would surely make ordinary mortals break out in a cold sweat and shake in their shoes just at the mere thought of it.
Bopdybuilder Studs however are different. They live only for positive target muscle pain and the greater the burn, the more they revel in it, drive to do better and the happier they feel about it all. For only then do they know that they have done their mandatory bodybuilder duty to grow those muscles until they force bulge out with almost obscene pride all over.

With this one goal in mind they drive onwards with totally ruthless, animal obsession until the deep-frying torture of each subsequent rep stimulates the target muscle fibers into total exhaustion and submission to grow bigger. Regardless of the buckets of salty sweat cascading off their pumped-up bodies and saturating what minimal gym attire they wear, dismissing the continual necessity of fighting waves of nausea but instead, always reinforcing the overwhelming and tenacious animal instinct to win through or die trying.


One young hot musclehunk, twenty-two-year-old, Californian drug-free, bodybuilder Chris has 'walked the muscle torture walk' and now talks openly with no holds barred: Chris has no qualms about telling it like it is and he received this directly from the 'horses mouth' or, in this case, hundreds of his adoring chicks and female friends.

"As I started to get more obviously built strutting hard muscle form even when wearing pants and shirt; all of which gradually molded more and more to my developing body as I up-sized.

At first, I didn't think this would be for 'me;' I was even reserved. But man once it happens you luv it. It's so cool. Muscle needs to be felt and seen not hidden away, that's for only something that you are ashamed of and when you have grown from NOTHING INTO SOMETHING that draws admiration. Then it started to happen because I think I fundamentally changed from being rather withdrawn into being open and welcoming.

The girls flocked towards me, attracted just like I was a stud male magnet. Later on, hanging out with my new female girl friends I also learned more and more as they began confiding in me: -

I then found out something many guys don't know: The babes talk openly about guys' physical attributes just like guys talk about girls' bodies. Women may act like they don't notice, but shit believe me they do. They now look at every inch of a guy's body - and I mean every inch - with the eye of a talented connoisseur, a lot of them seemingly have also developed X-ray vision too!

In the past it may well have been true that girls did not go for muscular studs. But times change; nowadays all that has altered particularly if brains go with that muscle. The girls have real choice and that choice all things being equal is for their man to show real muscle that makes other girls envious. It's true that just showing a load of beef doesn't turn them on for long anyway, but when combined with brains it's like bees to the honey pot; They then have someone who will protect them when necessary but whom is also capable of going out and earning the bread to keep them in the way they hope to become accustomed. The value-added factor being of course, they have someone whom they can show off to their peers with pride and who will make the babe herself a source of envy..

JUST AS WE GUYS SIZE UP A CHICK FROM HEAD TO TOE, SO DO THE GIRLS CHECK TOTAL FORM WHEN IT COMES TO THE GUYS. Before they may not have known what it 'was all about' Now they do and those babes are hot for it. That's why all we guys want a knockout muscle package that shouts out 'come and get me!' That's why we 'kill' ourselves in the gym to project, and that's why a successful bodybuilder with brains and stud appeal has only to smile a genuine muscle smile and the females just go weak at the knees.

ALL that unbelievable physical and mental torture and self-discipline, sweating muscle blood honing and hammering reluctant flesh, day in- day out, week in- week out, month in-month out, year in-year out (whilst all those non-training wimpy skinnies and ugly fat NON-studs were meanwhile enjoying themselves just wasting their pathetic time, clubbing, drinking, drugging and partying ), whilst I was forcing out a few more gut-grinding, ass breaking sizzling reps to failure.

Of course it's best if your babe is herself interested in keeping fit and building great form, because then, the one can motivate and inspire the other to do better. Also there are no real problems in taking bodybuilding time and being away from her during workouts because she understands what it all means and how it is a vital part of you.

But when I know that any girl I really want, can and will be mine for the asking with just a glance and a smile - musclesmile of course with perhaps just a trace of a flex. THAT'S when it pays off BIG time!

The only uncool part of it is: I now honestly can't fit all my chicks in coz muscle time is precious; building my pumped HOT bod to be totally awesome must always take priority!"

So just remember you studs out there, when you are screaming with pain and nausea for that extra 'impossible' rep. Just DO IT for the girls (or even the guys if that's your scene) or if you haven't got still got that special babe, just turn yourself on to yourself! Hey one last thing; remember that steel abs and glutes give them the hots and are the irresistible first eye-target for both sexes - SO GO FOR IT:

To no longer be average but instead to stand out head and shoulders above the crowd; sheer Stud sex appeal! That's what the object for this self-abuse and sheer torture is. That's what the agonizing pain is all about, pure and simple." Simple isn't it!

So just "kill that meat cos the babes think it's neat".

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