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Cycle Theories, Part 1

Steroids will be most effective for most users if they are cycled.  A cycle is a logical and effective pattern that is followed in order to get the best results of the different drugs that are taken. This pattern is utilized in order to reduce side effects associated with long term usage of the drugs.  The most effective cycles are the ones that are the shortest in duration and give the desired results with the fewest side effects.  The average length of a steroid cycle is 6 - 12 weeks in duration.  The length of time for an off steroid cycle is at least 3 months.  To be the safest you can be if you do elect to do steroids, you should not do more than 2 or 3 cycles a year. Off cycle periods are utilized so that your body will return to normal as far as the production of testosterone and other normal hormone patterns.

The reason for cycling besides keeping side effects to a minimum is the fact that by doing so you can get the most for your money.  Steroids are expensive and repeated use week after week with the same androgen will saturate the receptor sites making it more and more likely that your body will not recognize it.  You will not experience this problem or at the very least it will be minimized by cycling steroids.  Your body will begin to down regulate, meaning that your body will start to not recognize the steroids as much after as little as 3 weeks after starting a cycle of steroids.  This is because the muscle cells are able to pick up less and less of an androgen as the weeks go by.  It is also a fact that unless dosages are continually inceased your body will not remain in a positve nitrogen balance.

Making these cycles up for yourself doesn't require the knowledge of a brain surgeon only commonsence.  What is shown on this page is just a bunch of examples.  These are here to give you some kind of idea what eveyone else is doing out there.  Once you figure out what works well for yourself, you can design your own cycle that will give you maximum gains is the shortest period of time.  The short effective cycles are almost always the best.  It is true that most professional bodybuilders do not ever go off steroids but they are doing it because they are making a living out the sport and they have to look their best almost year round.  Most of you are not professionals so doing this would only lead to major problems for yourself.

This section of the webpage will show how various cycles can be layed out depending on the drug and why.

Typical Diamond Pattern Cycle
Cycle Week
Oral Dianabol (5 mg/tab)
Test Cypionate (200 mg/cc)
HCG (5000 I.U.)
Week 1
2 tab/day
200 mg/week
Week 2
3 tab/day
300 mg/week
Week 3
4 tab/day
400 mg/week
Week 4
3 tab/day
300 mg/week
Week 5
2 tab/day
200 mg/week
Week 6
1 tab/day
Week 7
5000 I.U./week
Week 8
5000 I.U./week

Cycle Notes:
This is the classic steroid cycle utilizing two high potency steroids.   A person would start with a minimum dosage of one or more steroids then increase the dosage for a few weeks then decrease the dosage in an attempt to bring back on line the natural testosterone production.  Leaving nothing to chance you would want to use HCG twords the end of the cycle to spur testosterone production in the body.  Depending on your personal preference, you might want to take some Nolvadex along with the cycle to minimize the chances of getting gyno while on the cycle.  Keep in mind though that Nolvadex is a double edged sword in that it minimizes the gains you will get from a cycle as well.

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