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Substance: Norethandrolone


Nilevar is a very androgenic steroid. Nilevar is used for size and strength, and for some drug suers Nilevar is somewhat effective. This is supposedly one of the first steroids in circulation in bodybuilding circles. One could state, though not technically correct, that the substrate is an oral Deca preparation. It stems from the same base steroid (nortestosterone) and acts in a very similar fashion. It too is a potent stimulator of the androgen receptor, substantiated by its readiness to cause virilization in female users. Its likewise deactivated by the 5-alpha-reductase, which explains why in lower end doses its actually one of the mildest steroids, androgenically, in men. Norethandrolone is also a noted progestin and also aromatizes at some rate. It's basically nandrolone every step of the way, just slightly weaker androgenically and a little more potent estrogenically.

This means, very much like nandrolone, that it can cause estrogenic side effects with small amounts of circulating estrogen thanks to the estrogen-agonizing properties of the progestagenic activity. Unfortunately Nilevar is very toxic and aromatises easily. Many users reported heavy water retention (edema) while taking Nilevar. Nilevar is very rarely seen on the market.

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