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Maxteron Review
Impact Nutrition Supplement

Maxteron (5-alpha androstanediol) is the first dihydrotestosterone (DHT) prohormone to be developed. DHT is typically thought of as a side effect hormone, however this is more a product of misunderstanding than fact. In the human body DHT is much more active than testosterone, and is produced locally in tissues sensitive to androgen action such as the prostate, skin, scalp and certain areas of the central nervous system. It is for this reason that its presence is usually associated with side effects, however it activates the same cellular receptor that testosterone does. The applications for a DHT prohormone are actually quite numerous, as it represents the only truly non-aromatizable (will not convert to estrogen) prohormone available.

The non-aromatizing androgen is an important class of steroid to the athlete/bodybuilder (Masteron (2-methylDHT), Parabolan (trenbolone), Proviron (1-methylDHT) and Halotestin (fluoxymesterone) are such compounds), as they are excellent for shifting the androgen/estrogen ratio and promoting increased fat loss, muscle hardness and vascularity. Similar to these mentioned items, DHT is a very potent androgenic steroid. The strong effect DHT has on the central nervous system also helps to greatly support the buildup of strength, and its high affinity for serum binding proteins allows it to competitively force more testosterone into a free state when taken with such a steroid or prohormone. DHT is also an efficient anti-aromatase (inhibitor of the estrogen synthesizing enzyme), and makes an excellent addition to any testosterone-based cycle. This item is only available from Impact Nutrition.

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