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Author L. Rea Book Reviews
Chemical Muscle Enhancement
Building the Perfect Beast Naturally Reviews

Author L. Rea

Author L. Rea has over 20 years of knowledge and has transformed himself from 135lbs to over 250lbs At 5'7"! Author L. Rea writes articles for Bodybuilding and Strength Magazines throughout the world, and is the author of the following books:

Chemical Muscle Enhancement Review - "The equivalent of a bodybuilders 'Physician's Desk Reference'. Not only does CME profile hundreds of bodybuilding pharmaceuticals, many of which have never been discussed before, it does so in a fashion that has application to the greenest neophyte to the hardcore seasoned bodybuilding veteran."

Since we are against the use of steroids and other illegal drugs, we can not recommend a book such as Chemical Muscle Enhancement.

But Mr. Rea has a new book out "Building the Perfect Beast Naturally" that we can recommend wholeheartedly!

Building the Perfect Beast Naturally - By Author L. Rea and Eric Broser. Is the training, diet and supplemental protocol directory for the advanced athlete or anyone not willing to accept mediocrity. "Adapt, Migrate or die...whining is not an option for those who refuse to be satisfied with mediocrity" Author L. Rea

Building the Perfect Beast Naturally is an excellent book for anyone who wants to reach his bodybuilding goals but don't want to risk his health by using drugs!

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